Need for Speed: EA’s teasing a Monday announcement

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In a tweet on Friday morning, EA teased the number “510,” using the license plate of an old Nissan 350Z.

AltChar speculates that this means an announcement is coming on Monday, October 5, and that certainly seems the most likely explanation.


The 350Z itself was a popular staple of the older Need for Speed games — Underground, Carbon, and so forth — so people are naturally speculating about the possibility of a remaster.

Back in June, VentureBeat reported that EA was working on a rerelease of the 2010 Criterion title Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

“EA is going back to the racing-game remasters,” the report said, citing a source familiar with the publisher’s schedule.

“As a followup to Burnout Paradise Remastered, the publisher is next going to update 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Like Burnout, that game will also come to Switch in addition to PC and other consoles.”


In June, the same Need for Speed Twitter account posted an audio clip of “Get Low,” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, so my Underground-lovin’ heart is crying out for a remaster of that game.

But I’m not getting my hopes up.

VentureBeat’s reporting has a good track record, and a Hot Pursuit remaster seems more likely than a game as old as Underground.