Under Night In-Birth Music Composer Confirms Development Of Game's Next Installment

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Music director Raito has recently confirmed that he is working for the next Under Night In-Birth entry soon. As of now, this reveal is the only confirmation for this upcoming fighting game soon. Here's what we know about this development.

Music Director Confirms Next Entry

As seen on the music director's official Twitter, Raito and Under Night In-Birth director Nobuya Narita have confirmed that the development for another Under Night In-Birth entry is ongoing. For all the previous Under Night In-Birth titles, Raito has provided all of the character themes in the game.


For now, we'll have to wait for more information from French Bread and Arc System Works to know more about this upcoming game. We've yet to know if this next project will be a full sequel or yet another version extension that retains all of the current cast with new additional characters.

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After Melty Blood Type Lumina

Other than Under Night In-Birth, Raito has also been known to work for French Bread and Type Moon Games' Melty Blood series and provided many of the stage background music in the game. In the latest Melty Blood Type Lumina, Raito has also composed some themes for this game.


As the game is about to be released by the end of September, it makes sense that Raito's schedule could have been cleared up for another project. At best, this project ultimately could be another Under Night In-Birth entry.

Under Night In-Birth Right Now

The latest entry for the Under Night In-Birth series was its Exe:Late[cl-r] entry which was released last February 2020. This new entry introduced new moves to most of the playable cast and added a new character, Londrekia, to the playable roster. This game was released before the fighting game developers adopted the rollback netcode for their game's online play platform.

Potentially, this next Under Night In-Birth entry could have rollback netcode and enjoy the online play.


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