Update: Sony Denies Increasing PS4 Production Due to PS5 Shortage

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Global supply issues have frustrated those seeking to buy PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, as the semiconductor shortage continues. While reports initially claimed that Sony was producing more PlayStation 4 consoles to compensate for the PS5 shortage, the company has denied this.

Bloomberg had stated that Sony's updated strategy would add around 1 million PS4 units this 2022 to help "fill the supply vacuum and keep gamers within the PlayStation ecosystem." This is regardless of previous plans to "discontinue assembly at the end of 2021."

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Update: Sony Denies Increasing PS4 Production Due to PS5 Shortages

However, Sony told NLab (via VG247) that the production of PS4 consoles in conjunction with the PS5 was always the plan for 2022. Whether there was any truth to the original report isn't clear, but fans looking for a PS4 this year will find them, unlike those looking for an Xbox One.

One factor likely driving more PS4 consoles is due to use of older chipsets. Sony's spokesperson confirmed that "the older console uses less advanced chips, is simpler to make and provides a budget-friendly alternative to the PS5." Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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