Moist Cr1TiKaL Responds To His TikTok Ban

Charles' Moist Cr1TiKaL' White Jr was banned from TikTok. While I cannot say how, I do have a unique perspective for that platform. In fact, I know a lot more about it than your average person because I used to moderate for a huge social media brand (no, not reddit) until 3 months ago (I quit). Yet, I still have many friends who actively work for many big brands today.

Moist Cr1TiKaL was banned for, among other things, terrorism, sexual conduct, and nudity. Videos that would have gone on TikTok will be posted on his Huge Charles channel on YouTube. As of right now, Moist Cr1TiKaL, or Charlie as his fans call him, is unlikely to return to TikTok.

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Moist Cr1TiKal banned from TikTok

So, I will show you the video first and then give you a bit of perspective of a content moderator for a big social media brand. Moist Cr1TiKaL is one of my favorite YouTubers and streamers, so this isn't coming from someone who doesn't watch his videos. It came from someone who knew it was the biggest TikTok ban of all time.

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There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of videos posted every hour on many of these video services. The amount of content is overwhelming. Are you more comfortable having a human first look at your video, or do you prefer YouTube, where you have to fight just to get a human to see your falsely reported video? That's why it takes some time; humans are watching the videos on TikTok, not robots.

I have not seen every video Charlie has put out, but I can tell you that some were definitely promoting dangerous behavior, mentions of drugs, and even sexualized content. Even if it's a joke, a moderator must protect others who may not want to hear a joke about them or that could influence them into do something bad. All a moderator wants to do is prevent you from being singled out, hurt, or anything other than safe when you watch something on social media.

I can say that every moderator on every social media platform is trying their best, but when kids don't even want to listen to their parents, what will motivate them to listen to an app? Still, at least we get to watch Charlie's best clips on the HugeCharles channel! I'll still be a fan on YouTube if I can't on TikTok.

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