Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 devs confirm return of popular weapon mechanic

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Modern Warfare 3 player holding rifle and player aiming SMG into the air
Credit: Activision

The weapon mechanics on offer in a Call of Duty title can either make or break its reputation. If some guns don't feel like they mesh well with the rest of the game, you're pretty much guaranteed to hear plenty of frustrated Modern Warfare 3 players voicing their opinions on the matter.

As Sledgehammer Games continues to share more information on what its upcoming release has in store, some players believe a few dead characters could potentially return in the campaign, while others are patiently waiting for the Call of Duty Next event to unveil more multiplayer intel.

The latest MW3 reveal from the studio has confirmed the return of a popular weapon mechanic, much to the delight of players.

Modern Warfare 3 reload cancelling returns

In recent releases, Call of Duty players haven't been able to cancel a reload after initiating one, leaving them vulnerable to attack if an opponent suddenly heads in their direction. After Sledgehammer shared a closer look at some of the game's maps, X, formerly known as Twitter, user Pehdrew_ asked: "Will I be able to reload cancel?" The studio quickly replied: "Yes!"

Based on the other replies to the tweet, there are plenty of excited players looking forward to the return of reload cancelling. One said: Wledgehammer Games", while another added: "Please never leave us."

In addition to reload cancelling, Modern Warfare 3 will feature a number of movement changes designed to increase the pace of play and further cement Call of Duty's status as one of the most popular FPS franchises in all of gaming. Sledgehammer is already teasing the scale of these movement improvements.

With the game's beta just a few weeks away, it won't be long before players can experience Modern Warfare 3;'s reload cancelling for themselves. Based on the reaction to all the confirmed information so far, anticipation surrounding the next Call of Duty is definitely building.

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