Modern Warfare 3 players slam frustrating inconsistencies with the game

Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price wearing night-vision goggles with Favela map in background
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price wearing night-vision goggles with Favela map in background
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 players have already spotted numerous inconsistencies with various parts of the game's multiplayer leading to mass dissatisfaction.

The second beta weekend is in full swing and as PC and Xbox players join PlayStation users on the virtual battlefield, Modern Warfare 3 fans are already spotting issues that are frustrating many over the course of a match.

While many are enjoying taking a trip down memory lane thanks to the revision of iconic maps from the series’ history, others are growing tired of Sledgehammer Games' latest release well over a month before the full game launches with its full gun list, single-player campaign, and all-new zombies mode.

The first inconsistency frustrating players is the time to kill. Prior to the beta, Sledgehammer Games revealed it would be increasing the base health of players to 150 in a bid to combat the lightning-fast time it takes to score an elimination. Despite achieving this, user JCglitchmaster took to Reddit believing the time to kill isn't maintained across all matches.

The player says: There are way too many things in Modern CoDs that affect TTK (time to kill) and it's more prevalent than ever in this game." Others are in agreeance and believe to have found the cause: "The servers are atrocious," one player adds. "The discrepancy between time to kill and time to die is ridiculous."

Another area that's sparked a dose of CoD rage is the spawns. Although the beta patch notes adjusted the spawn logic, some believe the spawns are ruining maps that were once great.

One player believes: "These spawns are really wacky. Was playing Highrise and we had C and B. Not one of my teammates was pushed up too far when they started spawning in weird locations."

Although this pair of issues is hugely frustrating, at least they've been uncovered in a beta enabling Sledgehammer Games to apply fixes and adjust the game before its November launch. For now, always check those corners in case someone randomly spawns there and make sure you've put enough bullets into the target.

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