Modern Warfare 2 leak uncovers "fan-favourite" season one maps

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Shipment Call of Duty map and Modern Warfare 2 player reloading pistol
Credit: Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 maps continue to split the opinions of players dropping into Infinity Ward’s latest dose of multiplayer action. Some are enjoying the unique designs while others believe the current selection is far from ideal.

The Season One update for the game is right around the corner and is expected to contain a wealth of brand-new content including the arrival of new guns and a battle pass containing 100 tiers of content. Alongside the guns, the developer teases the appearance of two “fan-favourite” maps arriving to the extensive range of game modes.

Ahead of launch, leaks have uncovered the two maps and it’s great news for those that love chaotic Call of Duty action.

Shipment returning in season one

According to various leaks, Shipment is on its way back into Call of Duty much to the delight of fans that love the constant action that takes place in amongst the shipping containers. In addition to Shipment, there’s another popular battleground making a return.

Shoothouse from 2019’s Modern Warfare is returning as part of the first post-launch content drop. The three-lane map features just as much action as Shipment but its larger size allows players to use all kinds of weaponry to gain the upper hand over the opposition.

The return of classic maps is always great for those that love taking a trip down memory lane but there are several members of the community that prefer new maps instead of recycling content. “Don’t give us Shipment,” asks Twitter user @Tman2096. “It’s so overutilised.”

Shipment is no stranger to the shooter franchise. First appearing in Call of Duty 4, it’s appeared in several titles acting as the home of fast-paced chaos. Although many are looking forward to the return of familiar maps, we’re still waiting on some more original battlefields to appear.

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