Modern Warfare 2 players slam new Polyatomic camo design

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Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

Players dropping into Modern Warfare 2 will know about the coveted mastery camouflages they can earn from completing a number of challenges in multiplayer. The purple and chrome design known as Polyatomic is one of the hundreds to earn.

With the focus turning towards Season Three, the March 21 patch notes from Infinity Ward unveiled a wealth of bug fixes in addition to a change of design for the Polyatomic pattern. Instead of the dark purple from before, the design has undergone a makeover.

Fans dropping into the action for a closer look aren’t best pleased with the new look and claim the developers are trolling.

Why has Polyatomic camo changed?

The exact reasoning behind the changes remains a mystery. One thing that’s for certain is that Reddit user missiilekid is far from impressed with the adjustment. “Stop changing random things that are supposed to be finished,” says the frustrated fan.

“When can I be sure something is its final intended form and when can I breathe easy knowing the developers aren’t just going to change something I grinded and played hard for overnight?” Judging by the comments, there are plenty of other unhappy fans. “Yup, it’s awful,” replies another.

However, there are members of the community that believe Modern Warfare 2’s lighting exaggerates the change and makes it look much worse. “The game’s lighting is so bad in the menus, the updated picture definitely blows it out of proportion,” reveals one commenter.

Polyatomic camo wasn’t the only adjustment made in the March 21 patch notes. The speed of the Orion camo pattern received a slight increase but still features the same design unlocked for completing every single weapon challenge in the game.

With plenty of disgruntled players sharing their frustrations, there’s a chance Infinity Ward reverts the change but the likelihood of it happening is slim. Thankfully, there are plenty of other camos to use if you’re not a fan of Polyatomic.

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