Modern Warfare 2 players furious with removal of popular playlist

Modern Warfare 2 player running for dog tag and Modern Warfare 2 player wearing ghillie suit
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player running for dog tag and Modern Warfare 2 player wearing ghillie suit
Credit: Activision

When it comes to injecting a breath of fresh air into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Infinity Ward applies adjustments to the selection of playlists on a regular basis. Despite the changes adding a range of new modes, others have to make way.

As attention turns towards the start of Season Three, fans aren’t happy with the developer following the arrival of a new design for the Polyatomic mastery camo and the accidental ban of the world’s best ranked player.

The latest problem involves the removal of a hugely popular playlist resulting in players having to return to standard six-versus-six action.

Where has Modern Warfare 2 10v10 gone?

Following a small update on March 22, Reddit user Zennom noticed the 10v10 playlist had disappeared in favour of Drop Zone, one of several new modes included in the Season Two Reloaded update.

As expected, members of the community are far from pleased with the adjustment. “I was enjoying 10v10 so much,” comments one player. “Maybe next playlist update we’ll get Shipment and 10v10…” Others believe the fast-paced nature of 10v10 rescued what’s an otherwise mediocre multiplayer. Some even call for Combat Pacing to return. “The best would be a mix of 6v6, 8v8, and 10v10 depending on map size.”

Combat Pacing made its debut with the release of Vanguard. Although the game itself wasn’t great, having the option to experience all-out chaos or a slower pace of play was a hugely popular addition that’s since disappeared. Is it time for Combat Pacing to return?

Some players claim Infinity Ward’s management of the multiplayer playlists is a ploy to annoy the player base. “IW management of the playlist is a joke. It was a joke in MW 2019 and it’s continued with MW2. Feels like IW changes up the playlist to annoy the user base.”

The exact reasoning behind the removal of 10v10 remains a mystery. But, many are hoping the next playlist update will see it return. Perhaps Infinity Ward should make 10v10 a permanent addition rather than removing it every few weeks.

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