Why are Modern Warfare 2 fans concerned over PC player count?

Two soldiers in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

Two soldiers in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

The number of Modern Warfare 2 players dropping into the action continues to generate plenty of debate within the community. Despite Infinity Ward’s latest release generating huge sales figures, several fans constantly express their frustrations with various areas of the game.

With the start of Season Two Reloaded moving into view, concerns surrounding the player count on PC have appeared even with a fresh batch of content making its way to multiplayer in a few weeks.

Following a major leak regarding a competitor of the Call of Duty franchise, fans are fearing another downward turn in the multiplayer player count.

Can PC Modern Warfare 2 survive a huge game launch?

Following a significant leak revealing the presence of Counter-Strike 2, Reddit user DeLaArapaklas thinks player numbers on PC are about to plummet.

Modern Warfare 2 PC player count concerns
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Credit: u/DeLaArapaklas

The thought of CS:GO running on the Source 2 engine is hugely exciting for fans of Valve’s tactical shooter but for Modern Warfare 2, it could spark another decline in an already low player count. According to Steamcharts, Modern Warfare 2 had an average player count of 98,042 compared to CS:GO’s average of 810,268. Although there’s a huge difference, it’s important to consider the numbers don’t include Battle.net.

Several comments on the now-deleted post believe the release of Counter-Strike 2 isn’t anything to be worried about. “CoD is arcadey and fast-paced while CS:GO is more tactical,” comments one fan.

CS:GO and Modern Warfare 2 are both first-person shooters but are vastly different. Modern Warfare 2 is perfect for some fast-paced action while CS:GO caters towards the tactics and mechanics needed to master it.

There’s a chance the launch of Counter-Strike 2 will influence the Modern Warfare 2 player count but Call of Duty will always have fans dropping into the action regardless of new shooters that release.

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