Modern Warfare 2 bug takes Ghost to a whole new level

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Screenshot of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 with green background and the head of Ghost showing with eyeballs and a helment showing
Credit: Activision

Ghost is arguably the most iconic character in the entire Call of Duty franchise and in Modern Warfare 2, players dropping into the franchise can select the character as a playable Operator in Season 3 Reloaded.

With Season 4 on the horizon, Infinity Ward continues to make adjustments to various aspects of the game but recent tweaks to ranked play managed to break core elements of multiplayer.

The latest bug affecting the community involves the enigmatic masked character's body completely disappearing, leaving his eyeballs and a helmet showing along with the gun they plan on using in the next multiplayer match.

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost is actually a ghost

Uncovered by Reddit user seabass9511, the player notices Ghost looking vastly different from the member of Task Force 141 everyone's familiar with.

Following the disappearance of the mask and the rest of his body, fans were quick to question why Simon Riley is better known as Ghost. "Honestly, why do they call him Ghost? He has a skull mask. They should call him Skeleton," comments one fan.

Although it's a bug that's hugely frustrating for those that want a closer look at their favourite characters, it's not the biggest problem that's ever graced Modern Warfare 2.

On one hand, fixing the issue should be the priority but on the other, some players see it as the perfect opportunity for Activision to create one of the more unique store bundles. "Activision, time to patch this and sell it as a skin," suggests one player.

The exact cause of Ghost's appearance disappearing is unknown but there's a high chance of Infinity Ward fixing it in the not-too-distant future. For now, Ghost may look significantly different when loading into the action.

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