Modern Warfare 2 players slam Dead Silence changes

Modern Warfare 2 player wearing night vision goggles and dead silence field upgrade
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player wearing night vision goggles and dead silence field upgrade
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s Dead Silence field upgrade is a hot topic of conversation within the community. Several players use it to temporarily silence their footsteps when moving around the map and although it still does, Infinity Ward continues to modify its function.

During the two beta weekends, players noticed that activating the field upgrade triggered an audio cue alerting enemies to their location. This sparked mass outrage and plenty of feedback asking the developer to adjust Dead Silence to function more effectively.

Ahead of launch, Infinity Ward says the volume range has decreased but players still aren’t happy.

Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence changes

The Modern Warfare 2 launch update from the developer says “the in-world activation sound effect volume range for the Dead Silence field upgrade has been drastically decreased.” Although this sounds like a positive change, the community continues to question why there’s an audio cue in the first place.

Call of Duty content creator @TheXclusiveAce goes on to apply similar logic to other field upgrades in Modern Warfare 2. “Should the Trophy System deal some of the damage from a blocked item to the user?”

Another user says it’s “quite comical how deaf they are when it comes to feedback.” Changes to Dead Silence were raised following the end of the beta and while Infinity Ward has listened to an extent, the simpler solution is to remove the audio cue altogether.

It’s not just Dead Silence splitting the opinions of fans. Red dots appearing on the minimap when a gun is fired was a franchise staple and despite plenty of players asking for the mechanic to return, the developer continues to stick to its guns. Unlike the Dead Silence audio cue, there are plenty of items that make the red dots re-appear during a match

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