Modern Warfare 2 fan spots another Black Ops teaser in multiplayer

Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 Nova 6 barrel and Black Ops player holding pistols
Credit: Activision

Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 Nova 6 barrel and Black Ops player holding pistols
Credit: Activision

Throughout the last decade, the Call of Duty franchise has relied on two separate eras to capture the imagination of players. Most recently, Modern Warfare 2 and the revival of the Modern Warfare series have acted as the main area of focus while Black Ops sits on the sidelines.

With attention turning towards the Season 3 Reloaded update for Infinity Ward’s latest release, fans are still frustrated with hackers ruining ranked play while some claim the game features some of the worst maps in the entire franchise.

While exploring one of those maps, an eagle-eyed fan spotted another connection linking the current Modern Warfare story to Black Ops Cold War.

Are Modern Warfare and Black Ops connected?

During a recent match on Black Gold, Reddit user RookieFictioner spotted a white and yellow barrel with N6 written on the side.

N6, short for Nova 6, is the chemical weapon that heavily features in the Black Ops series. So, what is it doing in Modern Warfare? One member of the community has tracked down the point where the stories align. “Zakhaev shows up in Cold War, and there’s Nova 6 containers on Black Gold and in Atomgrad: Episode 2.”

In addition to Nova 6 containers appearing on the map and in the raid, there’s a wealth of Perseus insignias throughout the continuation of the single-player campaign.

The next Black Ops game is rumoured to launch in 2024, with Treyarch returning to spearhead development once again. With over a year until we see how the two stories are connected, there’s a high chance more teasers appear in the remaining seasons of Modern Warfare 2 and throughout CoD 2023.

Speaking of CoD 2023, one fan may have already found its reveal date marked on a calendar which is hugely exciting as the current cycle nears its end.

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