Modern Warfare 2 players blast 'basic features' still causing problems

Modern Warfare 2 player abseiling and Ghost walking along walkway
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player abseiling and Ghost walking along walkway
Credit: Activision

There are numerous mechanics and features within Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Whether it’s the timed perk system or the gunsmith containing an extensive arsenal of weaponry, there’s always a chance of things not working as intended.

With attention turning towards the Season Three update, fans of the franchise are livid following announcements from other publishers and the sudden removal of a hugely popular playlist. Despite the outrage, millions are continuing to drop into the action.

The latest problem frustrating players involves key elements of Infinity Ward’s latest launch failing to function and upon closer inspection, it’s understandable to see why they’re angry.

Basic Modern Warfare 2 features are still broken

After a recent match, Reddit user Snoo_89761 believes there are several perks that don’t function as intended. “Nothing like playing and watching as you run cold-blooded and still show up on thermal scopes,” reports the player.

In addition to Cold Blooded failing to work, they also claim Ghost doesn’t conceal the location from enemy players and the glint from enemy sniper scopes doesn’t appear. “You’re looking two snipers in the face from 200m away and they’re looking at you sniping and they have no sniper glint.”

It’s worth noting that Ghost only hides player location when moving around so if players are hiding in corners, they’ll continue to show on the mini-map. As for the disappearing sniper glint, the cause of the problem remains a mystery.

As expected, other members of the community share the same grievances. However, one fan believes Infinity Ward and Activision are already looking ahead to the 2023 release. “They’re releasing a new game in a couple of months. They’ve already moved on from MW2.”

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility of inconsistent perk performance and disappearing sniper glint never receiving a fix. However, the developers are known for listening to player feedback and with three seasonal updates remaining, we could see perks working sooner rather than later.

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