Modern Warfare 2 fan generates new maps with help of AI

Modern Warfare 2 AI map and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision / u/EGotGame

Modern Warfare 2 AI map and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision / u/EGotGame

The recent trend of utilising AI to complete all kinds of tasks continues to generate a wide range of results. Whether it’s artwork or a complete story, AI is an immensely versatile tool that’s now found its way into the world of Modern Warfare 2.

With attention turning towards the launch of Season Two Reloaded, many are looking forward to the arrival of a brand-new map teased by Infinity Ward at the start of the season. The developer is constantly improving the current map pool after the mysterious disappearance of a hugely unpopular battleground.

Ahead of the new map appearing, one fan has decided to use AI to create brand-new Modern Warfare 2 maps and upon further inspection, they wouldn’t look out of place in multiplayer.

AI creates new Modern Warfare 2 maps

To demonstrate the immense capabilities of AI and the lack of popular designs in Infinity Ward’s latest release, Reddit user EGotGame decided to task AI to generate a selection of maps and the results are impressive.

Ranging from an abandoned suburban town to a multi-storey building with numerous vantage points, the AI managed to create some unique designs that could make great additions with some fine-tuning.

The use of AI to create maps has caught the attention of other players who want Call of Duty to include a map creator similar to Halo’s hugely popular Forge mode. “Wish we could design our own maps like in Excitebike,” comments one fan.

Others notice the images seem like another developer has lent a hand when designing the layouts. “These already look better than the majority of what we got. They feel like Black Ops maps,” says another user.

There are some resemblances to the Black Ops series. The map with the red awnings looks similar to Amerika, a Soviet training facility that takes inspiration from a typical American town. Could Infinity Ward learn a thing or two from AI for future maps?

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