Mizkif Said He Lost "A Few Hundred Thousand Dollars" Due To His Mint Condition Collection Losing Value During A Stream

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It is painful to discover you have been lied to, but Mizkif felt it the most recently. The streamer collects vintage, graded video game boxes in mint condition, and he has spent a lot of time doing so. In a stream, he discovered that he had bought from a less than reputable company.

The Heritage Capital Corp., which owns Heritage auctions, has been found guilty of misleading customers over the value of NCI-graded coins. Consequently, Mizkif realized that the company's grading system would also be less than reputable, indicating that what they sell isn't worth as much as they claim. His expression is so heartbreaking because a company's reputation depends a lot on the credibility of its grading system.


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Mizkif box collection lost authenticity

Even though the stream is painful to watch, Mizkif keeps a calm face. He said he literally lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which amounted to 70% of his net worth. Although, at this point, it is unclear if he will ever get his money back or gain more from the collection, the box collection is still worth a lot to him.

Mizkif is disappointed that his collection isn't as valuable as it once was:


After staring at his collection for a while, he discusses the history of his passion for collecting. It's something he's done since he was a kid. In response to a question about whether it hurts, he says:

"Chat, I may legitimately woke up and lost a few hundred thousand dollars today because people are not going to trust this industry…"

Just watch this short clip of him reminiscing about it:


He then locates the creator of the YouTube video that exposed the company. The creator of the video feels no remorse for his actions, and he shouldn't. He did something good. Mizkif, however, is a great sport:

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Mizkif asked the best question ever. Mizkif asks, "How do you feel that you just released a video and it just decreased my overall net worth of 70%?" Karl Jobst provides the best response: an eggplant emoji.

I feel bad for Mizkif because I had some of the rarest Pokemon cards as a kid, and I had no idea what they were. Now they're in the garbage. Mizkif, I feel you, I feel you.