Minecraft Java Edition Will Now Require A Microsoft Account To Play

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Minecraft Java Edition has existed for a number of years with its own account system despite being owned by Microsoft.

However, the game's integration into Microsoft's account system has finally arrived.

The news was announced in a blog post posted on Minecraft's official website.


The post is titled 'Java Edition is moving house'.

Let's check out what this means and why the change has been made.

Java Edition Will Now Require A Microsoft Account

The blog post reveals Minecraft Java Edition will now require a Microsoft account to play.

Not only that, all of Mojang's titles will now be integrated into Microsoft's account system.

Mojang has stated a number of reasons for the change.

For starters, having a Microsoft account log-in means players will have access to two-factor authentication.


This improves the security and safety of all user accounts.

On top of this, the change allows parents to control aspects of the game for children.

The new settings will allow parents to block chat and invites from unwanted sources.

Courtesy of Mojang


Players who do not have a Microsoft account and still use their Java account will not be asked to change immediately.

However, it has been reported they will have to make a Microsoft account in early 2021.


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