Minecraft players marvel at in-game re-creation of Game of Thrones’ King's Landing

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An image of Game of Thrones' King's Landing in Minecraft.
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The square denizens of Minecraft can often be found creating massive masterpieces, such as faithful recreations of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino and the iconic Windows XP background, or even a working kebab machine.

After all, no matter how terrifying grandiose your build plans are, there’s only so much time you can possibly spend procrastinating and petting your dog.


This is likely the motto of one group of industrious crafters, one of whom has taken to Reddit to show off how an impressive rendition of Game of Thrones’ Westeros is taking shape.

Would you be up for exploring an iconic Westeros location in Minecraft?

The thread on this creation in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with a post from user pizzainacup, one of the project heads of WesterosCraft, an initiative to re-create the world of the massively popular fantasy show in block form, who shared an image of the towering spires of King’s Landing in block form.

Some of their Minecraft brethren seemed to enjoy the visual, with user adinade saying: “(I) knew what this was before reading the title, good job my guy.” and HALLO_there_me adding: “It looks amazing.”


User TyrantRex6604 pointed out one structure in particular, saying: “The dragon pit as well! so cool!, to which Gcarsk responded: “Definitely (a) cool choice to design the dragon pit after Dance of Dragons (probably around Blackfyre Rebellions?), but before GoT. It’s more visually interesting than its undamaged version in House of the Dragon, as well as its completely destroyed version in Game of Thrones.”

Meanwhile, pizzainacup revealed that the city currently contains around 5000 block houses built from scratch by the WesterosCraft community, with the entire map sitting at over 200 gigabytes in size.

In terms of locations outside of King’s Landing user -Poison_Ivy- outlined in their response to a question from ZappyFence that the likes of Highgarden, Winterfell and Duskendale are also completed, though other areas remain under construction.


Regardless of whether you fancy a wander around Westeros either now or when the project is completed, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.