Microsoft’s HoloLens Can Stream Your Xbox One Games

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TV’s are overrated anyway…

Over the last 24 hours, Microsoft have allowed and encouraged HoloLens developers to publish short demonstration clips exhibiting the potential of Augmented Reality.  


One such demo, from HoloLens program manager Varun Mani, showcases the functionality between Microsoft’s Xbox One and HoloLens. As seen in the video below, Varun begins the clip playing Halo 5: Guardian on his TV, before turning around and swapping his physical screen for one which floats and seems to rest on the wall of his room.  

The ability to stream Xbox One games via HoloLens simply epitomises the practicality and impact AR may have on our daily lives. No longer will the interrupted bathroom break plague the devoted gamer!

However, for those of you who seem unimpressed or uninterested, HoloLens Principal Software Engineering Lead, Miguel Susffalich, also shared a video demonstrating the use of Netflix via the AR headset.


We’re impressed!

Especially when one realises these demonstrations only feature a snippet of HoloLens’ potential. An application or game specifically designed for Augmented Reality will undoubtedly be more immersive and exciting.

Speaking of app development, Microsoft are currently looking for community app ideas, with the winning idea receiving its own HoloLens development team. Click here to submit your idea!

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