Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC: Price, Free Updates, Roadmap And More

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Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are big things to come!

Developers have been pretty vocal about the amount of depth they intend to include in the future.


This is what we know so far.

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We're not sure on how much the DLCs will cost at this stage.

Paid DLCs

Microsoft Flight Simulator will release paid DLCs every two to three months, adding new features different to that of normal updates.

The first DLC is set to introduce helicopters, a new form of transport.


The paid DLC is meant to include a range of helicopters, helipads and playable missions.

Microsoft is quite secretive of it plans for DLC packs but gliders are already being experimented with!


The free updates focus on two things world updates and changes to simulation.

The team intend for the updates to be specific, meaning each update should either entirely focus on world updates or simulation, not a mixture of both.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is constantly update using Bing Maps, every 28 days the data is refreshed.

They intend to focus heavily on flight mechanics and improvements.


The list of forms of travel will also gradually continue to grow.


Virtual reality is also being looked into, the dev team stated they intend to support VR in a few update.

Although this is great, it seems this feature might be quite limited.

During testing, the HP Reverb G2 will be the only compatible headset, due to Microsft and Valve teaming up.

VR is set to release late 2020 and an update further down the line should increase the amount of compatible headset.


Microsoft has talked about some of the things they intend to bring to the game, meaning these could be some of the things come to DLCs.


Shared cockpit functions are planned to come to the game, allowing you to copilot an aircraft with friends.

They also intend on working on seasons even further, currently, there are sun, rain, snow and more weather conditions but they could also be including wind, ice and even animal behaviours, meaning we might see some birds on our screens...