Dotemu and SNK Revive Metal Slug as Metal Slug Tactics

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Dotemu and SNK revealed Metal Slug Tactics, a tactics-based revival of the Metal Slug franchise.

A new trailer accompanied the announcement as part of the Summer Game Fest.


Metal Slug Tactics features an enhanced version of the classic ‘90s Metal Slug visual style, with sprite figures and polished pixel backgrounds.

Unlike traditional Metal Slug games, Metal Slug Tactics is, well… a tactics game.

Instead of side-scrolling shooter action, you get turn-based combat.

Dotemu and SNK Revive Metal Slug as Metal Slug Tactics

Dotemu and SNK haven’t released much information about the game, though from the Metal Slug Tactics reveal trailer, it looks like they’re borrowing a bit from Advance Wars.

Familiar faces such as Fio return and seemingly take on Commanding Officer roles.


Whether they have special powers as Advance War’s COs did is uncertain so far, but we know there’s a Sync system where player attacks feed into each other if carried out in proximity to other characters.

The Metal Slug Tactics premier was brief, though we’d be surprised if we don’t learn more soon as E3 2021 rolls on.