Marvel's Avengers Leak Suggests She Hulk and Kate Bishop Are Coming As DLC Characters

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Marvel's Avengers, Square Enix's live-service action title, is due out on September 4 but fans have been getting to grips with the game's pre-order PS4 beta in recent days.

None more so than data miner 6plus4equals52 on Reddit, who claims to have uncovered two potential DLC characters coming to the game as post-launch content.


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Marvel's Avengers: DLC Characters Leaked?

While we know all about Spider-Man's exclusivity to the PlayStation versions of the game, and Hawkeye is also coming as a DLC character, these leaks suggest two female superheroes are joining the roster.

6plus4equals52 found nine characters listed in the game's files, with six of them pertaining to the launch lineup of Iron Man, Hulk, Ms Marvel, Thor and Captain America, as well as Hawkeye.


The other three comprise of Spider-Man, She Hulk and Kate Bishop.

Given She Hulk and Kate Bishop's more analogous abilities to the existing Hulk and Hawkeye characters, many have speculated that each will appear as a sort of pallette-swap.

However, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos previously explained to IGN that the team wants the post-launch characters to offer different gameplay abilities to their launch counterparts.

It's worth noting that these files could be lingering following cancelled characters, but it does seem to suggest that the initially promised roster of ten superheroes is starting to take shape.


The beta opens up on other platforms in the coming weeks - check out our full guide to how to access it here.

Which characters are you hoping to see added?

We'd like to see Doctor Strange, as well as the X-Men.