Marvel's Avengers: 18GB Day One Patch Confirmed - Here's What It Includes

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Marvel's Avengers is due out on September 4, but whether you're buying it physically or digitally, you'll need to install a sizeable day one patch.

According to a new blog post, the 18GB file will include adjustments made after the recent beta, as well as bug fixes and language localisation.


Marvel's Avengers Day One Patch

It's interesting to note that the patch is required even for players looking to play offline, but once it's installed you'll be able to go off the grid and won't need to connect again if you choose not to.

The blog post notes that much of the update's size is due to the ongoing COVID situation:

"While we were able to adjust development to a work-from-home environment quickly, we did lose a bit of production time in the transition. As hard as we tried, there were several updates and refinements that we could not get into the game, but plan to address with the Day One Patch to ensure everyone has the same great experience at launch."


If you're wondering what's included on Day One, Square Enix have confirmed the following:

  • A Full-length campaign featuring an original Avengers narrative          
  • 6 Heroes, each with 50+ skills to upgrade + gear/outfits to unlock         
  • 80+ War Zones/Drop Zones to play with friends or your AI Avengers          
  • Regularly updated Priority HARM Challenges & Priority Missions           
  • Later game mission types like Hives and Villain Sectors         
  • 50+ enemy types to master          
  • And in the future, new playable Avengers like Hawkeye, as well as new story content and regions – all at no additional cost

The publisher also confirmed that if players have pre-ordered the PlayStation Store Exclusive Digital Edition (there's a catchy title), the Deluxe Edition, or Earth's Mightiest Edition, they'll be able to jump in on September 1 - the same day as the new War Table stream.


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