Marvel's Avengers Beta Dates: Here's When You Can Play Square Enix's Superhero Adventure

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Marvel's Avengers, Square Enix's live-service action title, is due out on September 4 - and we now know when the game's Beta period will begin.

Depending on your platform of choice (and whether you pre-ordered the game), you could be playing as early as August 7!

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Marvel's Avengers Beta Date Confirmed

Square's superhero team-up will be playable for PlayStation 4 Pre-Order customers from August 7, while Xbox One and PC early purchasers can jump in a week later on the 14th.

All PlayStation players, even those that haven't pre-ordered, can jump in from August 14, too, while the game's open beta on Xbox One and PC starts on August 21.

Ready to assemble?
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We don't yet know what the beta will include, but we'd expect some multiplayer action from multiple Avengers' perspectives. A stream on July 29 is likely to reveal more, as per the image above.

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