Marvel’s Avengers: The devs share tips and tricks for making the most of this weekend’s PS4 beta

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If you’ve got Marvel’s Avengers pre-ordered on PlayStation, get ready to jump in this Friday, August 7, at 9 p.m.

Developer Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are holding three online beta tests: one the weekend of August 7, another beginning on August 14, and an open beta starting August 21. The August 7 beta is exclusive to PS4 pre-orders; players who pre-order the game on PC and Xbox can join in the fun on August 14. The August 21 beta is open to anyone who wants to try out the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox. Each beta weekend is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. on Friday and run until 9 p.m. on Sunday in each respective time zone.


The Marvel’s Avengers beta includes 20 missions across the co-op and single-player modes, and features four playable heroes: Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel. Over at the official PlayStation blog, the game’s developers have shared a bunch of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time as an Avenger this weekend.

Here’s what you should know about each of the four Avengers.

Playing as Black Widow

“Grapple, grapple, grapple,” says Hannah Ballard, a QA developer at Crystal Dynamics. “Black Widow’s grapple move is the quickest and most satisfying way to close gaps between a hero and enemies in the game. You can pull yourself up to flying drones and dropkick them out of the sky, or counter a Stiletto Riot Bot from a distance before zipping across the battlefield to finish them off.”


Playing as Hulk

“Hulk’s Stranglehold heroic can be held down, delaying the start of his charge for a few seconds,” says Chris San Diego, a QA developer at Crystal Dynamics. “During this time he’s immune to damage, so use it to help aim the charge or tank a few attacks before he starts barreling through some AIM baddies! Hit the R1 button again to slam his fist down and pop foes up into the air for an easy grab attack.”

“Grab enemies and use them as weapons against the enemies who block your normal attacks,” adds Matthew Gaston, a senior technical designer at CD.

Playing as Iron Man

“When playing co-op as Iron Man, help the more grounded characters out by focusing primarily on the flying enemies, such as drones and Sky Dogs,” says QA developer Dan Olmos. “Defeating them, or at least pulling their aggro, prevents the heroes on the ground from getting attacked at all angles, and helps keep the fight at a more even playing field.”


“As you level up, make sure to try each of Iron Man’s weapon systems,” says Gaston. “Each has benefits in different situations. The active weapon type is highlighted below your energy meter.”

Playing as Ms. Marvel

“Kamala’s light attacks have a wide range and can hit multiple enemies,” San Diego explains. “Meanwhile, her heavy attacks can knock enemies up into the air, where you can follow up with a quick combo. Alternate between light and heavy attacks, mid-combo, based on what you think is best for the given situation.”

Marvel’s Avengers lands on PC, PS4, Xbox, and Stadia on September 4.