Marvel's Avengers: Heroes Released Post-Launch Will Each Have A $10 Battle Pass

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It's less than a week until the release of Square Enix's Marvel Avengers.

Fans are counting down the days after getting their hands on the recent demo version of the game.


However, a question on everyone's mind was how the cosmetic system will work with post-launch heroes.

Well, we no longer have to wonder as Square Enix has revealed how post-launch content will work.

A Battle Pass For Each Hero

New narrative content, characters, locations and missions will be released for free in Marvel Avengers.


However, the game will be supported by cosmetic microtransactions.

Each hero will come with their own Hero Challenge Card.

The six heroes available at launch will come with their Hero Challenge Card activated.

This will allow players to unlock the 40 tiers of rewards related to the character.


These rewards include cosmetics, outfits, emotes, takedowns, resources and credits.

Courtesy of Square Enix

Credits are the in-game currency that players can purchase with real money.


This can be spent on the marketplace to purchase exclusive outfits of different rarities.

It has been revealed that the Hero Challenge Cards for post-launch heroes will cost 1000 credits to activate.

This is roughly $10 per hero to unlock the Hero Challenge Card.

Square Enix has stated players can take as long as they want to complete the Hero Challenge Cards.


The rewards will not be rotated or changed after their launch.

This is certainly an interesting way of providing content for players post-launch.

It will allow them to focus on their favourite characters and provides a constant form of progression.

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