Marvel's Avengers: Microtransaction Prices Revealed

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Marvel Avengers is now officially live for owners of the Deluxe Edition.

This has given players access to the Marketplace and revealed the prices for in-game currency.


This currency is called Credits and can be used to unlock cosmetics, takedowns, nameplates, outfits and emotes.

On top of this, Credits will be used to unlock the Hero Challenge Cards of post-launch heroes.

Official Price Of In-Game Currency

Credits are available to be purchased in four separate packs. Check them out below:

  • 500 Credits - $5
  • 2,000 Credits (+200 Bonus) - $20
  • 5,000 Credits (+1,000 Bonus) - $50
  • 10,000 Credits (+3,000 Bonus) - $100

Courtesy of Square Enix

The price of various cosmetics within the Marketplace varies dependant on their rarity.


A rare outfit will cost you 700 Credits, whereas a legendary tier outfit will set you back 1400 Credits.

Of course, buying Credits is not the only way to earn the currency in-game.

Players can earn credits whilst levelling up the Hero Cards for the game's six launch heroes.

In total, players can earn 1300 Credits per Hero Card.


However, this process will take a long period of time, often taking a player several hours of gameplay to complete.

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