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Mario Kart Tour: Version 1.1.0 October Update For Mario Kart Mobile on iOS And Android

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Mario Kart Tour has received its first update and it is a little disappointing, only fixing a few minor issues and bringing in a couple of new features. Mario Kart mobile does NOT bring multiplayer racing with this update, despite many community members pleading for it.

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What Is Mario Kart Tour?

Racers will play the traditional fan-favourite game, that they all know and love, across real-world inspired locations and Mario Kart series favourites. Items and characters will also be returning to Mario Kart Tour and many returning from Mario Kart: Double Dash. Players can collect a variety of drivers, karts and gliders as well as upgrades to find your perfect combo.

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What Does The Patch Include?


A new badge list has been added to Mario Kart Tour. If you head to the game's menu and tap 'Badges', you can now view a list of all the badges you've acquired through challenges.

A point checking feature has been added, allowing players to check how many points are needed to get a Grand Star, the number of Grand Stars that you have and your current best score for each course/bonus challenge.

It's important to remember that you can not continue playing the game unless you update it, so the app will ask you to do that next time you log in.

When Will Multiplayer Arrive?

It's unclear when multiplayer will arrive, you would imagine this is something that Nintendo have already taken into consideration. Could they be delaying it as players are still invested in the core game itself? Perhaps they are waiting to see a drop-off in the game before releasing it.

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