Mario Kart Tour Online Multiplayer Release Date: Nintendo's smash hit for iOS and Android is about to go global

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Nintendo fans might be getting all excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons launching next week, but Mario isn't to be outdone.

Starting on Sunday, March 8, Mario Kart Tour (the popular mobile version of the long-running racing franchise) is getting a big upgrade.

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Online multiplayer is coming to the game, and it'll allow players to race against seven other racers (including friends) wherever they are.

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Mario Kart Tour Online Multiplayer Release Date

The update goes live at the following times, so be ready to update your app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • 8PM Pacific Time
  • 11PM Eastern Time
  • 3AM UK Time (March 9)
  • 2PM Australia Time (March 9)

When playing with friends, you can set custom rules, while playing against strangers will restrict you to the standard rules at 100cc levels.

There are also Gold Races which are exclusive to Gold Pass subscribers that offer 150cc and 200cc competitions.

In terms of course selection, the current cup will change every 15 minutes. That means you should get the chance to experience plenty of tracks in any given time.

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