Main Assembly: Early Access Review

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A new robot building game developed by Bad Yolk Studio Games - it's Main Assembly.

Published by Team 17, who also published the Overcooked series, we think there's potential in this game.

With many successful games produced by Team 17, will Main Assembly live up to the same standard?


What Is Main Assembly?

Main Assembly allows players to build anything they can possibly think of, from planes to hovercrafts.

You can then pilot these vehicles and contraptions in multiple different landscapes.

The game contains solo challenges and competitive online multiplayer ones.

The community is able to share their builds through the Steam Workshop.

Main Assembly has seen many beta tests but its finally here, early access on Steam.


The gameplay is certainly unique and allows you to do whatever you want.

It reminded me a lot of the Portal games, particularly when playing the tutorial, which was a comforting welcome as a newbie.

It's exciting what this game could bring to the future of gaming and even act as a great teaching tool for children - the game is only limited by the imagination of the user.

Where this game could be improved, is the building mechanics. It can get fiddly if you're not familiar with the controls and how it works, meaning small misclicks can result in an abomination of a product.

The more time that you spend within this game, the more comfortable you'll become with building and will ultimately unlock more items to customise your creation.


It's clear the game encourages you to get out and experiment as the tutorial only covers the basics of building.

However, as you spend more time with the game, you'll find that the physics are not as realistic as you expect. Often times, vehicles would unrealistically bounce off the environment and impact from obstacles would cause unusual outcomes.

Since it's in early access, there's time to iron these issues out, but it's something that needs to be flawless when that is the main premise of the game.

It's exciting to see where this game goes with the Steam Workshop available, players can come up with incredible creations with the right time and care.

For £15, this game is a steal and worth the time in what is a fairly quiet period for game releases.

As the game develops and we explore more we'll continue to update this article!

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