League of Legends players believe turrets are bugged

An image of a turret in League of Legends.

An image of a turret in League of Legends.

No matter how good you are at League of Legends, you won’t get far without covering fire in those moments of a match when the intensity ramps up and key battles are fought.

Sometimes this aid will come from skilled teammates who’ve managed to put down Loldle for long enough to make a push for victory, but just as often, it’ll be the responsibility of automated turrets placed tactically around the map.

Unfortunately, it seems as though these mechanical helpers aren’t doing their jobs properly at the moment, with players taking to Reddit to vent their frustrations.

League players aren’t getting the backup they need

Posting to begin a thread on the subject on r/leagueoflegends, user I_WantABigUsername declared: “Turrets have been bugged for around eight days and doing less damage than they are supposed to, and it has already affected pro play as well.”

They also linked to a Twitter post by YouTuber Vandiril which goes into depth about the numbers that prove this isn’t just empty speculation from players, with the damage inflicted by the turrets seemingly not scaling correctly with each hit.

A few players responded to the post indicating that they’d noticed that something was up, with user Orrion_the_Kitsune_saying: “I was wondering why turrets felt more useless than usual” and Gloomy-Tomorrow-3071 adding: “yeah feels bad man. (I’ve literally (been) getting turret dived a lot lately and thinking damn why (is) Sylas not dying.”

Others bemoaned the impact this issue might have had on some recent professional games, with user PuncanDope saying: “This bug saved Santorin and Bwipo vs EG. (The) week needs to be replayed” and Shorkan asking: “so the bug has been live in pro play, yet no game has been paused because of it?”

Many just had a general go at Riot Games for League supposedly having too many bugs right now, with some suggesting that a larger team might be needed to work on it.

Regardless of whether you think a League of Legends bug is worth throwing a proper wobbler over, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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