Fall Guys: Konami Interested In Creating Metal Gear Solid Skins

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Fall Guys, the silly, quirky, and frustrating game has become a huge hit in the community.

So much so that companies are showing huge interest in collaborating with Mediatonic, even the creators of PES 2020, the original Silent Hill and more.

Here's everything we know so far.

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Konami Wants A Metal Gear Solid Cameo In Fall Guys

Fall Guys has become the centre of many gaming companies' attention recently, with millions of players and being top of the steam top sellers list.

It's a smart move for any business to try to get a piece of the pie in terms of collaborations.

Well Konami, publisher of Metal Gear is definitely showing some interest.

They did so by posting an image to Twitter with Solid Snake-inspired skin designs for Fall Guys characters.

SOLID CHOICE: Could this skin be a knock out of the park?


The image shows the typical chubby bean-like characters from the smash-hit game.

Skins are a pretty big thing in the game currently as it's pretty much the only way to customise your character.

This isn't too much of a stretch to make happen, especially as Fall Guys has skins themed after other games like Half-Life and Hotline Miami.

It's no surprise that companies are eager to invest in the game especially as it hit number one on the Steam top sellers list!

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