Knockout City Has Already Hit 2 Million Players

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EA might have a surprise hit on their hands with Knockout City. Having launched last week, this arena-based "dodgebrawl" experience saw positive reviews across the board, and developers Velan Studios has shed some light on how many users have signed up so far.

Outlining this in a Twitter thread, they confirmed that across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch - PS5 and Xbox X|S too with backwards compatibility - over two million players have jumped into the action so far.


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Knockout City Has Already Hit 2 Million Players

This is likely attributable to a low entry barrier. While you can buy it upfront for £19.99/$19.99, Knockout City's Block Party trial grants access for free on every platform, ending on May 30 at 1pm BST. If you've subscribed to Game Pass or EA Play, it's included there for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S at no extra cost.

Ultimately, Knockout City's got legs but whether it can carry this momentum remains to be seen. We'd previously taken part in a roundtable interview with Velan Studios, detailing how development and post-launch support. You can also check out our review, which called it "highly entertaining but [an] ultimately safe experience".