John Romero's Happy To See E2M6 Fully Restored In Quake Remaster

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As part of Quake's 25th anniversary celebrations, Bethesda re-released Quake during Quakecon 2021. Featuring two new campaigns from MachineGames, free downloadable mods and campaigns and several quality-of-life adjustments, this edition also restored previously cut content.

Speaking on Twitter to offer his congratulations, John Romero - one of Quake's legendary original designers - expressed his delight at seeing E2M6, the Dismal Oubliette, fully restored after cutting the original beginning, stating:

I was so surprised to see the full E2M6 in there! Thank you for doing that. It killed me to cut it in 1996, and I sincerely appreciate it. #quake

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John Romero's Happy To See E2M6 Restored In Quake Remaster

Later responding to why id Software ended up cutting E2M6, that was so they could fit it within their 1.44MB file size limitation, and you can see that below. Thankfully, with such limits being long surpassed, Nightdive Studios' remaster was able to fully implement this section once more.

Available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One - PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are supported via backwards compatibility - Quake's surprise re-release also includes support for local and online co-op, widescreen and 4K resolution support, depth of field enhancement, dynamic lighting, and more. That's available now for £7.99/$9.99.

Source: Gamespot

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