Jeremy Corbyn plays Doom mod that lets you battle Margaret Thatcher

An image of Jeremy Corbyn playing Thatcher's Techbase.

Ex-Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has caused a bit of a stir on social media after being pictured enjoying a spot of retro gaming at a festival called The World Transformed.

The game on Mr Corbyn’s playlist was Thatcher’s Techbase, a rather surreal Doom mod which has you face off against a terrifying robotic version of the former Prime Minister.

The version of the game that Corbyn played is an arcade edition developed by the creator of this satirical masterpiece, Jim Purvis, in order to raise money for the charity Living Rent.

Has your favourite politician ever fired up a classic FPS?

Purvis posted a couple of photos for Corbyn mid-gaming session near the end of a Twitter thread featuring other highlights from the festival, simply captioning them: “He liked the game.”

While the former Labour leader may have given the game his version of a ten out of ten review, it’s unknown whether he managed to nab the highest score on the leaderboard, which NME cites as the main new addition of Thatcher’s Techbase’s arcade edition, by blasting through Thatcher’s robotic hordes with his shotgun, is currently unknown.

Regardless of whether ‘JEZ’ now reigns atop its scoreboard, Corbyn certainly isn’t the only one interested in enjoying a blast on Thatcher’s Techbase, with Puvis having revealed in a 2021 interview with Dom Peppiatt that that game had already attracted attention from beyond the left-leaning bastions of the UK.

In the same interview, Purvis explains how his experiences growing up in Scotland during the aftermath of Thatcher’s premiership made the game, which started off as a bit of a joke among friends, a bit of a personal passion project.

If you’ve seen the passion with which Jezza Corbs seems to be enjoying the game in those photos and fancy a go at mastering it yourself, or simply want to marvel at its incredible artwork, you can find it here.

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