Is There A Nintendo Switch Internet Browser?

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The Nintendo Switch is still one of the world's most popular consoles.

It has set record sales in recent months, and Nintendo does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


When the console released, it took over the world; its innovative design was something only Nintendo could imagine.

However, one feature that a lot of players missed was the ability to access the internet.

No internet browser was available on the system, but now it appears there is a hidden way to access it.

Here's how! 



Public Space

If you have traveled with your Nintendo Switch, you may have tried to connect to a public internet connection while on the go.

Sometimes, these public access points will prompt you a third-party website in order to fully connect to the site.


This is one way Nintendo Switch players have been reporting to use the internet on their system.

This will allow you to do very minimal web surfing for a limited time.

It is the only way we have found to access an internet browser within the Nintendo Switch.

As well, it does not appear Nintendo has any plans to release support for Chrome and other services in the near future.


For now, we will have to use this feature!