Is Genshin Impact Coming To Xbox One?

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Genshin Impact is here on PS4, PC and mobile.

If you're like me and still can't give up on the Xbox, you might be wondering if you'll ever get to play this game.


We've got some quotes from the developers themselves that will give you your answer.

So, will we see Genshin Impact come to the Xbox One?

Is Genshin Impact Coming To Xbox One?

It seems that Genshin Impact will not be coming to Xbox One.


This is based on comments made by the game developer MiHoYo.

During an interview with Game Rant he was asked if the game would be coming to next-gen.

“We have plans regarding next-gen consoles, and we will be announcing them as these plans take shape,” they said. “We do not currently have plans to release the game on Xbox.”

So if you were looking to play Genshin Impact on Xbox One, unfortunately, it looks like it won't happen.


Sadly some games tend to be locked to different consoles as we have seen with many of the PlayStation exclusive titles.

Will We See A Port for the Xbox One?

Could there be better news on the horizon?

The chances of an Xbox One port don't seem to be too great but it's better than an outright no.


Currently, the devs have no mentioned any plans to port Genshin Impact to the Xbox One.

For them to do so would require a bunch more time and resources to do so as it would need to be developed from scratch.

Nevertheless, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the day will come I can play as Amber.

That's all the information we have on Genshin Impact making its way to the Xbox but we'll keep you updated if we hear anything else.