Injustice 2 Crashing Error Confirmed By NetherRealm - Latest News

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Injustice 2 is currently suffering with a widespread crashing error. Rendering it unplayable for most players on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms, many are finding an inability to launch NetherRealm Studios' fighting game at all, but the studio's working on a fix.

That began around September 2nd, where players advised they couldn't even reach the main menu before it crashes, only loading NetherRealm and Warner Bros. logos. If you're looking for the latest news on this situation, we've got you covered below:


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Injustice 2 Not Working: Crashing Error Confirmed By NetherRealm - Latest News

NetherRealm Promises "More Information In The Coming Days" - September 5th

After two days, NetherRealm confirmed they're still working on Injustice 2's crashing errors, advising we can expect "more information" in the coming days. You can see that update below:


NetherRealm Tells Fans To Expect "Extended Downtime" For Injustice 2 - September 3rd

Shortly after the initial crashing issues became apparent, NetherRealm issued a statement saying players can expect "extended downtime" as they track down this issue.


That's all we know for the time being. Having first released in 2017, Injustice 2's seen similar support to most fighting games, receiving numerous updates and DLC content for the initial post-launch period. We'll keep you informed when we learn more.