"I Signed The Biggest Deal Of My Life." NICKMERCS Teases A HUGE Contract As His Twitch Deal Nears Its End

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Twitch has a 2-year contract cycle, so Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff is at the end of his because he resigned two years ago in October. While streaming, he spoke about Tim' TimtheTatman' Betar leaving Twitch. NICKMERCS talked about how streaming is affecting his family. He has been thinking about how it's affecting his wife and how it would affect future children.

He was deep when he began talking about a huge deal he had never seen before. NICKMERCS said he made the deal for his family and friends, not for himself. Nickmercs' friends have all left YouTube Gaming, and more evidence indicates this is a YouTube Gaming deal.


We knew this was coming: Is NICKMERCS leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming?

Is NICKMERCS Leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming?

NICKMERCS turned off the ability to make clips as if he knew we would be clipping his stream. Here is the entire stream, but we can tell you where to start. Dexerto noticed something fishy at 13:27:09. I agree; this seems like a different kind of conversation.

We couldn't put it regularly onto the site, so here's an unlisted YouTube video with the clip, to watch the full stream, click here.


Let's start by examining the quotes since they matter a lot when compared to another streamer who left the platform, Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop. In the words of NICKMERCS:

"I can't tell you guys too much about everything but I signed the biggest deal of my life... The kind of deal that it's not about you anymore, it's about your family and your friends… I signed a big contract man, a big one bro. I signed a beefer, it's good man, it's great things, you guys are gonna love it. I can't talk--I just can't, but soon, trust."

YouTube Gaming has given its creators much more freedom. They left because it gave them a regular schedule, and they no longer have to worry about working insane hours. When talking about moving to YouTube Gaming, CouRageJD says, "It was a lifechanging financial decision for my family," in this clip here.


More Tim Leaving: TimTheTatman Is Leaving Twitch For YouTube Gaming

Obviously, YouTube Gaming gives creators enough money not to have to worry about working too hard and being with their families. I have watched many streamers, but I have never heard about Twitch giving a contract that came with a lot of money AND free time. So I'm guessing NICKMERCS is going to YouTube Gaming with his friends.