Microsoft and Hideo Kojima Reach Tentative Publishing Agreement

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That Hideo Kojima Xbox game just took one more step closer to being a reality.

It’s a big step too, one that presumably guarantees production will start and continue, and the finished product will end up on Xbox platforms and PC.

The news comes from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who’s been dropping small updates on the Xbox Kojima talks for a few months now.


Grubb said Microsoft and Kojima signed a “letter of intent” agreeing to work together on a publishing agreement for Kojima’s new game.

The letter follows months of detailed negotiations between Kojima’s and Microsoft’s lawyers, and while the full publishing contract is still under development, Grubb said Microsoft is confident enough in the agreement that it’s beginning preparations to help Kojima develop the new game.

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Microsoft and Hideo Kojima Reach Tentative Publishing Agreement

As to what that new Kojima game is, no one knows yet. It’s possible only a few people involved in the project even know, and it could change during production anyway.

“The point of the partnership is to unlock the creativity of Kojima Productions using Microsoft’s technology as opposed to greenlighting a specific pitch,” Grubb said.

However, Grubb also said in an episode of his GrubbSnax podcast that the Kojima Xbox game will be cloud based.

One can reasonably assume that means it’ll take advantage of whatever technology newly appointed cloud director Kim Swift is developing.

[Source: VentureBeat]