Hideo Kojima Teases "Radical" New Project

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Following Hideo Kojima's latest venture in creating a TV and film studio, the renowned game creator teased some his plans for 2022, which includes taking things to the "next level of experimentation with a radical project."

Kojima tweeted what he had accomplished this 2021 (thanks VGC), mainly the release of the Death Stranding Director's Cut despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation. He also said that alongside the new version of Death Stranding are "new titles" his studio is experimenting with, as well as the "radical project" - whatever it may be. He was light on details, and it may even be unrelated to games completely, since Kojima mentioned he wants to work in radio as well.

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Hideo Kojima Confirms He Has Plans To Do A "Radical" Project

Just last week, Kojima somehow teased a possible new project through an image he posted on Twitter. The photo featured three new characters who seemed unfamiliar to fans, who noticed that none of them have yet appeared in a Kojima title. Whether they're part of his radical new project or just concepts for a radio show, we'll just have to wait and see. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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