Henry Cavill Shows Off Building A PC

Henry Cavill better known as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher or Superman has been busy building a PC.

He told GQ that he's an avid gamer and would rather game on his own than go out.

Geralt fans keep reading.

A Man Of Man Talents

You heard us right, Cavill is a nerdy gamer just like us.

He even nearly missed the chance to play as Superman because he was too busy playing World Of Warcraft!

He's putting some free time due to COVID-19 to use by building a gaming PC, pretty seductively might we add, with the choice of Barry White's I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby as the background music near the end.

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Cavill explained to NME last December, “I’ve not quite ventured into building my own myself, I definitely have had custom PCs over the years. That’ll be the next project, as soon as I find enough time — and the bravery — I might put my own PC together.”

Well, he finally made some time for it!

Watching people build PCs usually sends me into panic mode, but I can confirm, this time was a pleasure.

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