Halo developer 343 Industries shows off Infinite’s sounds

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If you’ve ever wondered how a triple-A game gets its epic sound effects, Microsoft’s 343 Industries has a pretty fun new video with a look at the Foley design for the upcoming Halo Infinite.


The sounds of Halo Infinite

“Get a first look, courtesy of the 343 Industries audio team, at some of the hard work put into bringing Halo Infinite’s next generation of weaponry to life,” the video’s description reads.

“From firing ranges to broken-down buildings, the team left no stone unturned in their journey.”

Some of the effects are pretty obvious or straightforward — the guns you hear in the game are often just recordings of real-life guns being fired. A warthog or other metallic target taking gunfire is probably an old truck getting riddled with bullets, surrounded by microphones.


It’s pretty satisfying to hear the timing of the gunshots. The audio team doesn’t simply rapid-fire like the Master Chief; they let the sounds of the shots ring out, echoing into the distance.

Can’t wait to hear these sounds in the game. It’s already been five years since Halo 5: Guardians, and I’m ready to get back to Chief, Cortana, and the rest of that universe. In the meantime, Troy Denning has just released a novel, Shadow of Reach, set after the events of Halo 5.

Infinite has no official release date, but is expected to launch in 2021.