H3CZ fights back against tweet from a previous OpTic Employee

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A matchup between OpTic Gaming and FaZe clan resulted in OpTic Gaming being defeated by FaZe, and many people had things to say about the situation. Here are the highlights, which begin at 1:04, but be warned: OpTic has no chance in this matchup.


Among the people who had fun at OpTic Gaming was Hunter Braine with this tweet:

It wasn't a big deal, and it was just a former OpTic employee joking about the team's loss. H3CZ came back to Hunter and questioned his time with OpTic Gaming, tweeting at Hunter,"' Previously at OpTic'???? sure you were." Even though it doesn't seem like a huge deal on its own, it continued through H3CZ's stream.


Hunter made a comment pointing out that H3CZ shouldn't invalidate one of their best employees. 'Best employee' is a leap, which even H3CZ states cannot be accurate. A comment by H3CZ described his reasoning for what he tweeted:

"This dude has former OpTic in his f***ing bio. No you weren't! You never f***ing worked for me, therefore, you were never in OpTic! Also, just because you worked for OpTic, doesn't mean you were in OpTic."

During the stream, H3CZ's friend, who is playing with him, accuses Hunter Braine of being a fraud. Another attempt to make Hunter Braine appear like OpTic Gaming never employed him.

We understand what H3cz means, but he goes too far. A team is not just the frontline but the support as well.

OpTic Gaming was owned and operated without H3CZ for a while. Before H3CZ repurchased OpTic Gaming from Immortals, there must have been plenty of employees who came and went. He may be an essential and integral part of what makes OpTic Gaming a success, but he isn't OpTic Gaming itself; it's much bigger than him.


That brings me to the second point, and a team is more than just the people in the front. The support staff is also an essential part of the team; they are responsible for the team's success and enable it to focus on what it does. Hunter Braine doesn't refer to himself as being on the Esports team, just that OpTic previously employed him.

That's a reasonable thing to include in a bio, primarily for contract positions. People use it to show their credibility, and H3CZ seems to have gone overboard defending his team. Although H3CZ can speak his mind, there was a time when OpTic was not in control, and he cannot speak definitively about that time.