GTA V Festive Update Goes Live

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In the past few hours, the annual Festive Update for GTA Online has gone live. 

Similar to last year's festive update, several new masks and clothing items have been added to GTA V. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users will notice that their apartments have been decorated with a lovely Christmas tree, complete with gifts under it. There's an even bigger tree which can be located in Legion Square in the centre of Los Santos!

It's Christmas in Los Santos!
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It's Christmas in Los Santos!

When you head over to Posonby's clothes store, you will be able to get a free santa suit. Go to the mask store at Vespucci Beach and get youself a Black Mrs Claus, Gangsta Bad Elf, Turkey, Pudding and Festive Lucador mask, amongst others.

Rockstar have also teased the possibility of some snowfall, meaning there could be a "chance for a few snowball fights during the rare phenomenon of Los Santos snowfall in the forecast."

In addition to this, Rockstar also confirmed there will some special additions to the ever popular Adversary Modes on PC, Xbox One and PS4. 


With the new update going live, will you be playing GTA over the festive period?

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