GTA Online players discuss hidden outfit perks you might not be aware of

A screenshot of some pilots and military personnel in GTA Online.

A screenshot of some pilots and military personnel in GTA Online.

The way you dress in GTA Online can say a lot, no matter whether it shows off how much money you make, how in tune you are with the latest updates, or simply how dedicated you are to some outstanding cosplay you’ve dreamed up.

Sadly for those who wanted to spend their days waiting for GTA 6 to arrive decked out in whatever’s comfortable, it seems that some of Los Santos’ more expensive threads do more than just make you look good.

This is the subject of a recent Reddit thread, which saw GTA players discuss their most useful garms.

Sometimes going for substance over style is the best option

This thread in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Ronnymalony, who shared their guide to the hidden perks associated with some of the game’s outfits, saying: “hopefully you guys find this helpful.”

While many weren’t aware of these little quirks, some users were able to add to the guide via their own knowledge of the outfits, with user aviatorEngineer naturally pointing out that while the pilot suit looks good on those taking to the skies, only its helmet is needed to provide a the player with a real time display of altitude and air speed while in the cockpit.

User Automatic-Fault-430 did something similar for the heavy heist outfit, specifying that while it does slow you down, as Ronnymalony pointed out, the buff it offers is definitely worth it, doubling your health during heists.

An extra fun fact about the scuba suit, which Ronnymalony had identified as giving the player unlimited air and an underwater flashlight, came from user realistortion, who revealed that it also helps you to swim faster, with MrTeaForce chiming in to add that this is even true while using the first person camera.

The properties of the game’s motorbike leathers proved to be less well known, with user DyLaNzZpRo expressing their surprise at learning that they can reduce potentially fatal bike crashes to mere scrapes that only do a small amount of health damage.

Meanwhile, user wojtekpolska mentioned some other items that can help out in a pinch, with masks helping to decrease wanted level if worn to complete a crime and then taken off during the ensuing pursuit and certain military helmets decreasing headshot damage.

So, fill your bag with practical gear next time you go shopping and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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