GTA Online Update: New Heist And 2020 Winter DLC Teasers Have Officially Started

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It would seem as though the teasers for the next GTA Online Winter Update are officially underway!

Following the latest GTA Online update to the game earlier today - more on that on the link - players have noticed some unique changes to the world.


As players may well remember, we saw similar teasers last year when construction work began outside the old Casino building. Eventually, the Diamond Casino resort was opened. Then a few months later, in-game teasers started before the eventual release of the Diamond Casino Resort Heist.

Now it seems, Rockstar has made some new changes to the world, with players starting to receive a message from Tom Conners announcing new construction work at the casino.

The message reads: "Dear Member, in spite of construction work at the Diamond, please be assured noise levels are low and champagne sales high."


Players have done some digging and also found that a small area surrounding the casino has some new construction work being undertaken. Seen below.

Earlier this year Rockstar promised they were working on "the biggest ever update for GTA Online" featuring "our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location."

Quite how the new Casino teasers fit into that thinking, we're not too sure, right now.


But it is at least promising to see something different finally happen.

Stay tuned for more info. (Credit to @TezFunz2 on Twitter for all images)