GTA Online players want to go off the radar simply by crouching

Some GTA Online characters stealthily snooping about.

Some GTA Online characters stealthily snooping about.

While some GTA Online players are already looking forward to GTA 6, others are still trying to enjoy everything that Los Santos has to offer by getting up to wacky antics and spending all of their hard-earned cash.

After all, if you don’t enjoy trying to predict what the next game’s map will look like, lack any hot takes regarding what or who it should include, and have given up on planning out your first playthrough, why not just try to appreciate the final stretch of GTA Online?

It seems that some players want to do so as discreetly as possible, having declared their desire to be able to briefly disappear from the map by crouching down and being very quiet.

Do you wish GTA Online rewarded you more for giving your character knee problems by constantly crouching?

This idea is the subject of a recent thread on the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from user Feta_Swiss, who asked: “Do you think that going into a stealth stance should (take you) off the radar, or maybe even just a weaker version of it, in freemode? Only for as long as you're in the stance, of course.”

A surprising number of their fellow players were seemingly in favour of adopting a version of this change, with user MitchLawtonLSPD saying: “would certainly give players an excuse to improve the stealth stat. Imagine being able to actually crouch or even go prone if the stat is upgraded enough.” and another user joking regarding the stance: “You mean make it actually do something other than slow you down?”

User Inycyon went a step further, saying: “The stealth stat is the most under-used stat in the game; as well as this, I would suggest that it enables players to pick the lock on random cars without setting off an alarm.”

On the other hand, user DozeN-_ recommended some changes they thought might help ensure the new ability wasn’t overpowered, saying: “It would be balanced if your dot pulsed on the map and the time (it was) off (the) radar would be longer the better your stealth stat.”

Regardless of whether you’re in favour of finally having a use for all of those hooded cowls you bought during the Binco’s last sale, make sure to follow us for more GTA 6 and GTA Online updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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