GTA Online’s lemon gang are looking for recruits

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An image of GTA Online's lemon gang.
Credit: u/TallBoiOCE on Reddit.

The road to staying unfathomably rich in GTA Online is paved with dedicated crews relentlessly executing daring heists and dangerous sales missions that’ll maximise their revenue while they wait for GTA 6.

After all, it takes a certain kind of person to dedicate themselves fully to the solo grind, especially in the face of griefers using powerful vehicles like the Oppressor Mark 2 and Lazer jet.

Though, sometimes all it takes to make it through the barrage of missiles and business management missions without losing your mind is a solid group of friends, and, luckily for you, a rather interesting club is currently looking for new members.

Fancy joining this group of suit-wearing sourpusses?

This unique faction has decided to utilise a thread in the GTA Online subreddit to galvanise its recruitment, began with a post, user TallBoiOCE, who shared an image of them and their friends all wearing lemon masks and captioned it: “We started a Lemon Gang...consider joining.”

Some of their fellow players seemed interested in doing just that, with appropriately-named user Old_Timey_Lemon saying: “Cool idea” and YourAussieMatee sharing a gif of one of comedian Will Sasso's infamous lemon Vines.

On the other hand, some users expressed concern that the gang might have an impostor, with one member’s outfit not quite matching everyone else’s leading TallBoiOCE to explain: “That’s a female character, and there (aren’t) yellow ties for them.”

Meanwhile, some suggested that they would, were it not for prior commitments, with user tu-142 saying: “I am fish head gang”, to which TallBoiOCE responded: “respectable” and Virus_98 revealing: “Sorry, I'm a pineapple guy myself”, leading TallBoiOCE to reply: “that’s still cool.”

User GothQueenEmily doubted that all of these strange factions could get along, suggesting that a future interaction of the current cola war could pit the lemon gang against some kind of strawberry contingent.

Despite this looming threat, the current attitude of the group seems to mirror a popular saying, which user Which_Ad_8538 reiterated, saying: “When life gives you lemons”, to which TallBoiOCE replied: “When life gives you lemons, you create a lemon gang.”

Regardless of whether you fancy joining a lemon gang, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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