GTA Online player who wants Lazlow to stop crying in their nightclub is being chastised for their bad management

GTA Online's Lazlow chilling in a nightclub.

While some GTA Online players are already looking forward to GTA 6, others are still trying to enjoy everything that Los Santos has to offer by getting up to wacky antics and spending all of their hard-earned cash.

After all, if you don’t enjoy trying to predict what the next game’s map will look like, lack any hot takes regarding what or who it should include, and have given up on planning out your first playthrough, why not just try to appreciate the final stretch of GTA Online?

However, it seems that one player’s ability to do so has been severely hampered by the inability to chase a once-beloved character from the series out of their nightclub’s toilets.

Are you tired of kicking washed-up celebrities out of your GTA nightclub?

This sad situation is the subject of a thread on the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from the player in question, user Spidey_Petey, who shared an image of them painting at a rather distraught Lazlow and declared that they were sick of him putting a damper on the atmosphere of their night spot by crying.

Unfortunately for them, the majority of their grind-savvy fellow players didn't have too much sympathy for this complaint, with many suggesting that the antics of everyone’s favourite GTA radio host get a little less irritating if you’ve put in the effort to keep your nightclub’s popularity at a high level.

However, this view wasn’t universally shared, with user fabreazebrother_1 declaring: “He's annoying when the nightclub is popular too.” and thatpaulbloke saying: “He doesn't bother me too much until he gets up on the podium and starts dancing.”

Meanwhile, a number of users took a second to consider Lazlow’s perspective, with one musing: “Imagine being everyone's favourite character for 20 years and then GTA 5 comes out and you've been turned into the most annoying (person) that has ever had the displeasure of ruining his own reputation digitally.”

Naturally, this comment sparked a debate about the nature of satire, with user ThorsOccularPatdown responding: “That's kinda the bit though. It's a commentary on celebrity (culture).”, prompting Jacktrades352 to reply to them: “(It’s) some pretty annoying commentary.”

Regardless of whether you believe that last comment should be the tagline for all future GTA games, make sure to follow us for more GTA 6 and GTA Online updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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